How do I link my payment card?

Please login to your account and go to My Account. Just select My Cards from the drop down menu.

Do I have to link my payment card to earn points?

You’re not obliged to link your payment card, but it helps ensure your points are processed when you spend at Devonshire Hotels. 

How long does it take for points to process using this new card system?

Points are normally updated within the same day, however sometimes it can take 24 hours depending on our systems.

Is it safe to link my payment card?

Of course, we can’t access your full card information since it is stored as a token code on our system, which acts as an identifier to award points.

Can I link more than one payment card? 

At the moment you can only link or register with one payment card but we are working to introduce a second payment card option in the near future. 

If I don’t register or link my payment card, will I still earn points?

Yes, staff can still manually issue points to your account when settling your invoice.

Having problems linking your card?

Please try again with a different card or contact us.

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